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Tonya Jones, one of the supervisor at Sedoxo, takes an order at Einstein Bros Bagels located at the U-Club at the Overman Student Center. Jones was recently promoted to supervisor position at Sodexo. Antara Das

Tonya ‘the Bagel Lady’ Jones receives promotion

For many PSU students who enjoy Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Overman Student Center, they are often greeted by a familiar and friendly face. 

Tonya Jones, the proclaimed “Bagel Lady”, has worked at Einstein Bros. Bagels for four years, and has been to the Bagel Academy, making her a certified Einstein expert. 

“I truly love everything about my job,” said Tonya. “I have an amazing staff and crew but what I love the most are my customers. I like to try and remember all their names and orders, but Pitt State is a pretty big campus. It doesn’t stop me from trying my best.” 

When Tonya began four years ago, she started on the sandwich line. Next, she was promoted to U-Club lead. Recently, Tonya has been promoted yet again, this time to supervisor. 

“She’s easy to talk to,” said Anna Stephens, a freshman in biology pre-med. “She knows what you want if you’re here enough, which is kind of crazy that she remembers that, but it’s good.” 

Scarlett Greenfield has worked at Einstein Bros. Bagels since August 2016, and currently works as team lead. 

“We have fun, we laugh, we’ve cried, we’re a family here,” said Greenfield. “I wouldn’t be working here as long as I have if it wasn’t for having a great boss and friend to look forward to seeing every morning.” 

Einstein Bros. Bagels offers more than just bagels; their menu also includes breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, coffee and catering. When it comes to Jones’s favorite order, she says it changes frequently.  

“My go-to order is a tough one because we offer so many different great products, but I am huge fan of my newest breakfast sandwich, the crispy chicken and tater egg sandwich. I also love our chicken salad, just to name a couple.” 

“Tonya’s usually the one at the front taking orders and everything,” said Stephens. “She’s very quick-paced and good at her job, everything’s always in line.” 

Meredith Harris comes to Einstein Bros. Bagels about twice a week, and says she always sees Jones there. 

“She’s very fast-paced,” Harris said. “I never see her sitting still, she’s always keeping everyone intact.  

I enjoy seeing her, she seems like a positive person; she’s always happy. I’ve never seen her upset or rude or anything.” 

The Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Overman Student Center is opened Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 7:30 p.m. until 4 p.m., and closed on the weekends. When Jones gets done with her shifts, she can be found at the YMCA. 

“Every day after I leave my second home with Einstein’s I swing by the YMCA for my hour of working out,” Jones said. 

When she’s not greeting her customers or working out, Tonya enjoys spending time with her family.  

“I have been living with my amazing boyfriend and his two children for about four years now,” Jones said. “I recently found out that I am going to be a grandmother a second time. I have a beautiful granddaughter and am hoping for a grandson this time around.” 

Tonya “the Bagel Lady” Jones has impacted her work environment in a positive manner. 

“Tonya takes pride in her job always makes sure customer care satisfaction is number one,” said Greenfield. “She motivates us as a team together, compliments each of us, keeps everyone going (she has) great positive energy and attitude.” 

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