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How to know when to clean out your closet

As someone who desperately loves clothes, shopping, and all things fashion, there does come a point when you have to say “enough is enough,” or at least that it is finally time to do the most dreaded activity: clean our your closet.  

There are various ways to tell when it is time to take that step and finally clean out your closet. Along with these ways, though, it is advised that you clean out your closet at least once a year. An even better rule of thumb is to clean it out at the beginning of every season so as to get rid of any old, unusable styles or clothes you simply do not wear anymore. 

When it gets to the point that you’ve gone out on a typical retail therapy trip and you’ve come home with a bag or three of clothes (for a great deal, of course!) and open your closet to find little to absolutely no room, this is a clear-cut sign you need to take a major cleaning day. Or, if you go to put up your new clothing items and find you are completely out of hangars—and have already had to buy two or three new packs in order to hang up new clothes within the last year—stop in your tracks and close those doors.  

If you’re not hanging your new clothes up and choose to fold them to be put in a dresser instead, there is also a way to tell when those need cleaned out. If you open your dresser drawer and it’s already tight enough and clothes are either falling out or getting stuck, do not attempt to add more; chances are you hardly wear half of the items there anyway. 

As years go by, styles constantly change right alongside, so it is innately human to buy new items to stay caught up. Though, with that said, if you are just too attached to certain pieces of clothing and cannot part with them—leaving your closet or dresser as full as usual—instead of buying new items simply find a way to reuse the items you currently have to either mimic the new, up-and-coming styles or create your own. Since many people cannot afford to buy new clothes very often (especially college students), following this advice can save you a large dollar. Though, there still comes a time when your closet needs a good cleaning—such as if while in college you still have shirts from freshmen year of high school, those need to get the boot for sure. 

Even if clothing from years and years ago still fit you, there comes a time when these clothing items deserve a new home so that you can take a new step in life toward adulthood—as a change in wardrobe often can show growth and maturity. There are many locations where you can take clothes you get rid of, no matter if shirts, pants, sweaters, or anything in between, but instead of going straight to selling them—which oftentimes is rather difficult and stressful—offer the items to friends and family first, then donate them to a good cause. Find locations like a local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other second-hand store, or even schools or other establishments with programs set up that go toward those in need. Donating your items not only will help children, growing adolescences, and adults who have less than most, but it will also create an earnest feeling that you gave back in such a simple way. 

Clean out your closet today to fit more clothes tomorrow, and donate them back to clothe someone for years to come.

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