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Axe Library honors PSU authors

Axe Library’s annual Faculty/University Author Reception was held at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 1, providing attendees with refreshments and conversation while honoring the Pittsburg State University authors.   

The recognized faculty and staff were Joe Arruda, professor of biology, Kevin Bracker, professor of economics, Chris Childers, professor of history, Tim Dell, professor of automotive technology, John Franklin, professor of English and modern languages, and Casie Hermansson, professor of English and modern languages, Fang Lin, professor of economics, Grant Moss, professor of English and modern languages, Jennifer Pursley, professor of teaching and leadership, and Janet Zepernick, professor of English and modern languages. 

“I think it’s great for all of us to get together as faculty and to see what we’re all working on,” Childers said. “We work in separate buildings and we kind of hold up in our offices sometimes and don’t get out to see what everybody else is doing and so it’s really fascinating to see what other people are working on and publishing… the other thing is, I think it really brings a higher profile to the library.  They do a beautiful job every year of recognizing us and really celebrating some of the intellectual life that’s going on here, so that’s something I’m really grateful for as a faculty member.  It’s really rewarding for us and it’s really nice to network with our colleagues about the research we’re doing….and it’s fun to get interviewed by students!” 

Dean of library services Randy Roberts mentioned that these receptions first started back in April of 1984, making this the 35th year the library has hosted the event. 

“… for the library, this is kind of one of our opportunities to really showcase what the campus, from the professional level, is producing and creating,” Jorge Leon, librarian, said. “… I think it’s always really important to be able to take a moment and stop and be able to see what the rest of the colleagues are doing across different departments and different areas…” 

Bibliographies were supplied with a list of all of the books, articles, papers, reviews, poems, and other creative works written by the faculty and staff.  

“… there’s a lot more people here than I thought there would be,” Sarah Wilkinson, sophomore in biology and Spanish said. “… there was only like so many people who are getting recognized but the support from the staff and the students for our professors writing these books or articles is actually really amazing…” 

“My professor, Grant Moss actually emailed us about the event, it was a BULK-E that he forwarded to all of his students… about a third of our class all came to support him,” Wilkinson said. 

Roberts also recognized Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, socialist writer and publisher from Girard, Kansas who is mainly remembered for his pocket-sized booklets called “Little Blue Books.”  These works were written about many different academic and informational subjects, as well as some novelty subjects.  The Axe Library carries the private library of Emanuel and his wife, Marcet, and has almost completed his collection. 

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