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Layering with long sleeves

Fall’s atmosphere is here, which ensues long sleeves and close-toed shoes. Working with and adjusting to close-toed is much easier than layering with long sleeved shirts—especially when the weather is so fickle. With that said, layering while wearing long sleeves doesn’t need to be such a hassle! There are simple ways to work around this while still staying cozy and not overheating. 

The main thing to try to accomplish when layering on top of long-sleeved shirts—and fitting to that fall look—is to start the outfit’s base with a lightweight material. This means wearing a long sleeve made of light fabric, such as fabric blends like cotton-polyester, polyester-rayon, etc. Polyester and rayon are typically lighter weight materials, so if a fabric blend has one or both of these, they should work well for layering. From this, when wearing a lightweight long sleeve base, you can layer almost anything (within reason) on top of it, such as a sweater over-throw, cardigan, flannel, or even jean jacket. With this base, layering with a thicker, fall-like scarf would also work. 

Another option to layer those fall long sleeves does not necessarily include a lightweight base, though it can if it is desired. Instead, start with any long sleeve, whether heavier or lighter and made of any fabric—though cotton is a good choice almost no matter what. Over this, choose a vest of any kind to layer with the shirt; the vest can be any style, such as a puffy and slick fashion snow vest, warm and fluffy vest similar to a coat, dark- or light-colored jean vest, or even a lightweight cotton vest (long or short). If a lighter-weight vest is chosen, then layer on top a large and possibly heavier scarf. 

If the long-sleeved base is a crew neck instead of a regular long sleeve shirt, there is a cute and fashionable way to add flavor to this ensemble. Start with a regular crew neck of any sort, whether it’s a sports crew neck or has a funny graphic, then layer on top a larger-sized jean jacket. This creates not only a boho, punk, chic, rock combined look, but it also creates somewhat of a coat for those chillier afternoons or evenings. This is great if the desire is to stay warm and comfy but still want to look presentable and ready for hitting the town. 

No matter which style is chosen, complete the long-sleeved layered-look with shoes, socks, and a hat. For fall specifically, go with a neutral pair of boots (such as brown, black, or gray), taller boot socks (either neutral to match the boots or colored to accentuate the outfit), and a beanie or stocking cap. The boots will keep your feet, toes, and ankles warm while the socks will boost in keeping the ankles and calves warmer as well. The beanie or stocking cap are both rather optional, as they do not fit everyone’s personal and comfortable styles, but they are both great fall and winter additions; for the fall stick with lightweight neutral-colored beanies and as the weather cools, further work your way up to those of heavier material. 

This fall, no matter the weather, don’t let anything stop you from boasting your fall gear but also don’t let layering intimidate you—it’s easier and more fun than it seems! 

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