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A total of 39 students from Souel Tech, South Korea visit Pitt State for summer camp. The camp was for two weeks where students took english and business classes and learned about the American culture.

Summer camp sparks international, cultural exchange

For the first time this summer, Pitt State hosted 39 students from SeoulTech University for a two-week camp introducing them to the university as part of a dual degree initiative between PSU and the South Korean university.    

Through the program, students who have completed two years at PSU and two years at SeoulTech receive a dual degree. Sang-Heui Lee, associate professor of management at PSU, started the program two years ago.  

“I have my colleague from my PhD program in Lincoln, Nebraska, he is the chair of that department, and he was the one who sent us the students,” Lee said. “We were talking about this and that when we met at a conference and we came up with this idea: why don’t we exchange our students for a short period?”   

The two-week summer camp familiarizes South Korean students interested in participating in the program with Pitt State and gives them a tangible experience of what it’s like to be a Gorilla.  

“By doing this, the students will get a taste of living in the US and if they have a good experience they could come back later,” Lee said. “These are very young students. They are 18, 19 years old and have finished one semester in Korea. So hopefully when they finish their two years in Korea they will come back and finish the last two here at PSU.”  

The summer camp consisted of orientation as well as business and English classes and various other activities around campus and the community.  


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