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How to self-pamper with Lush Cosmetics

When it comes to self-care, treating yourself to a nice spa day or massage is a must. However, for those who may not be able to afford a spa day, or those who may get a little creeped out about the thought of a stranger touching you, don’t be discouraged. There are still ways for you to get that treat-yourself day.  

Lush Cosmetics is a company that caters to those who enjoy bath bombs, lotions, massage oils, face wash, and much more that has to do with body care and self-pampering. One of the best parts about the company is that all the ingredients are all-natural (you can actually read the label and know what’s in it); almost all their products are vegan or vegetarian, the price is reasonable for the great quality, there is so much variety with product choice, and a little will go a long way. 

Lush tries to have a healing factor to all of their products, which is how I fell in love with this company when I was still in the beginning stages of high school. I was having sleeping issues and found the Lush Cosmetics the store in the Oak Park Mall in Kansas City. The workers were sweet and I told them I was looking for something to help, they then directed me to one of my now favorites, Ickle Baby Bot. This bath bomb is not only a cute little robot shaped bath bomb, but also a relaxing way to sit in the bath and have lavender infusions naturally prepare you for bed. Its soothing ingredients of lavender, sandalwood, and chamomile mixed into a warm bubble bath will have you snoozing as soon as you lay in bed.  

Some of their best sellers include: Superdad—a great bath bomb for Dad to meditate with made of sandalwood olibanum oil; Sex Bomb—this bath bomb is great for a romantic evening even if you’re by yourself, made with great soaking ingredients of jasmine, clary sage, soy milk, and ylang ylang that has powerful aphrodisiac properties; and Madame President—this bath bomb has uplifting properties from petit grain oil and grapefruit oil, which promote an uplifting livelihood. While soaking with your bath bombs, you can also try one of their many facemasks to get that extra pampered feel. 

There are many more bestselling bath bombs not mentioned, but let’s move on to when you leave your relaxing bathtub. Lush has a wide selection of body butters and lotions as well, but for the sake of a DIY massage we’ll look at the massage bars they provide.  

One of the best sellers at Lush is the therapy massage bar. This bar has organic sweet orange oil, fair trade and organic cocoa butter, shea butter, as well as organic lavender oil to insure moisture and relaxation. The steps are simple, just rub the bar against your skin and it melts into your pores in the best way possible. If you don’t want to rub it against your skin you can always break it into pieces or rub some in your hands and apply to the rest of your body. 

With these luscious Lush creations your personal spa day is bound to be cheap, easy, and nonetheless relaxing! 



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