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‘The Prodigy’ falls flat as a failure for horror

“The Prodigy” is affront to the modern horror genre with absolutely no care to the great horror masterpieces that came before.  The film, directed by Nicholas McCarthy, stars Taylor Schilling, of “Orange is the New Black” fame, and Jackson Robert Scott, recognizable from his role as Georgie in 2017’s “It.” Schilling and …

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Playing with non-traditional colors for Valentine’s Day

You can always tell when Valentine’s Day is approaching. The stores begin to change their decor with bright red and pink products, YouTubers put out their annual “Red Lip Look”, and the season for chocolate and flowers has arrived. The season is always so beautiful, but sometimes the same colors and makeup looks can …

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Baseball exits weekend with three wins against CSU

The Pitt State University baseball team played three home games this past weekend at the Al Ortolani Field against the Colorado State University-Pueblo Thunder Wolves from Saturday Feb. 9 to Sunday, Feb. 10. Game one against CSU was Saturday, Feb. 9, and the Gorillas won 6-3. The second game was also Saturday, and the Gorillas won again 2-1. The third and final game …

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