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NASA Grant to fund new teacher workshop over Summer 

Curtis Meyer reporter  Pitt State has been awarded a grant by the Kansas Space Grant Consortium, affiliated with NASA, for a summer teacher’s and student’s workshop at the Kansas Technology Center. Each Summer Pitt State hosts a student learning experience for kids ages 9-13, using Lego robotic systems to teach …

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Brooklyn’s Farewell  

Brooklyn Peterson lead graphic designer  I feel like I’ve said this several times in the last couple weeks of school, but I don’t know what to say or do to truly express how much I appreciate my time here at Pittsburg State University. My time here at Pitt State has …

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Are South Korean Beauty Standards Too High? 

Himika Akram reporter   If you like to read about other cultures around the world, you might have a few ideas about the South Korean drama and Pop music, which are popularly known as K-drama and K-pop. Did you notice how Korean celebrities appear to look a certain way? Whatever …

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