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Is the cute swimsuit worth the tan lines?

It’s summertime and that means purchasing this season’s newest and cutest, latest trendy swimsuit. The thought at the forefront of everyone’s mind when buying a swimsuit is tan lines—how to avoid and manage them.  Oftentimes many find girls sporting swim suits with crisscrosses everywhere—front, back, sides even—as well as those eccentric suits with …

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PSU casting course attracts global attention

The Investment Casting Institute (ICI) based in New Jersey boasts the only certification program in the industry for investment casting, and people from all over the world travel annually to attend the certification course held at Pittsburg State University.   This summer marks the 18th year the course has been offered at Pitt State. Participants from across the nation …

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If you build it they will come: Block22 project near completion

The university and its students are beginning to slowly transfer to downtown as the long awaited Block 22 project closes in on its completion. Although many updates have been announced lately regarding the projects, one of the biggest is that it’s apartments are now officially filled for the year.   “We’re very …

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