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Pittsburg kicks off annual community campaign

Pittsburg State University and the Pittsburg Area of Commerce team up once again for the 34th Annual Community Campaign, “Partners in Progress”.  On Thursday. Feb. 28, leaders from the city, university, and local business gathered in Block22’s Community Room to mark the start of this year’s event.  This year’s campaign …

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Surviving spring break

Spring break is here and no one is more excited than students with plans to travel and enjoy the week away from school and work. No matter where those over spring break decide to travel, there are certain things to keep in mind when packing.  When it comes to packing, …

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Naccarato presents on Block22 at L.A. conference

Shawn Naccarato, Pittsburg State University chief strategy officer, was invited speak at the Fifth Annual Next Generation Learning Spaces conference. The conference, which took place Feb. 25-27 in Los Angeles (L.A.), California is designed to explore how higher education institutions are evolving, adapting, and working through modern challenges as physical space meets digital space, …

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