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Smooth Bananas: ‘Montero’

Rapper Lil’ Nas X has done it again and penned an absolutely bumping song that is sure to be on repeat on any fan’s Spotify playlist. However, some people are not as happy about it.  The song, produced by Roy Lenzo and Omer Fedi, and released by label Columbia, is the title single from the rapper’s upcoming …

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Rotten Bananas: ‘The Boys’

Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” answers the age-old question on everyone’s minds: What if superheroes were corporate-sponsored superheroes with disgusting celebrity complexes?  The series, developed by Eric Kripke, stars an ensemble cast of both familiar faces to film such as Karl Urban of “Judge Dredd” and “Thor: Ragnarok,” as well as relative newcomers such as …

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