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Work through your generational trauma, don’t ignore it

Everyone goes through difficult and transformative things in their life. The experiences and actions that shape your life are what make each person unique. However, there are events in our lives that can end up changing us for worse. There are also many people who end up ignoring this trauma …

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Black Student Association promotes diversity and community

Students searching for a space that centers around inclusivity and community interaction might find their niche with the Black Student Association (BSA), an organization at Pittsburg State University that holds several events for students while aiming to encourage positive experiences and general campus awareness about issues impacting the Black community. …

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Enactus combines sustainability with entrepreneurial mindset

Tucker Jessip, sophomore in business management and president of ENACTUS, stands in front of a display of awards given to the organization inside of the Kelce Center on Tuesday, Jan. 18. ENACTUS is an entrepreneurial organization aimed at helping students be successful in businesses and companies. Dominic Santiago In a …

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