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Honoring veterans, commemorating the Armistice

This year’s Veteran’s Day not only honored veterans and those who serve today, but it also recognized the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice. Pitt State held the annual Veteran’s Day ceremony open to the public Monday, Nov. 12, which was also used as a history lesson for local sixth graders.  Normally, the ceremony takes place …

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KCCTE holds teacher workshops

Eighty-five teachers from across Kansas came to Pittsburg last week to attend teaching workshops provided by the Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education (KCCTE), learning new skills to bring back to their classrooms. The crowd was comprised of career and technical educators and post-secondary educators.   The Kansas Technology Center hosted the …

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PSU provides services for students who have served

The Student Veteran Resource Center (VRC) has been open since the beginning of the semester, serving as a meeting spot for PSU students who have served. It is one initiative the Pittsburg State campus has taken to accommodate student veterans.   The Center is located in Whitesitt Hall on the first floor and is …

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