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What to buy at the store for your Coronavirus lockdown

Kansas governor Laura Kelley recently put into place an executive statewide stay at home order, which limits people’s outings to going out for necessary trips to get food, medicine or other household necessities; receive medical care; to take care of household members in other locations; and to exercise.  This is …

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An exceptional trilogy to binge on lockdown

For those of you stuck at home quarantined and having nothing else to do, there are many great shows on Netflix that you can binge to pass the time. Many of these shows are hidden gems that will brighten up your day during this insane time. These three shows are a trilogy …

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International students faced with decision to stay in Pitt or return home

With the announcement that Pittsburg State University course work would be online for the remainder of the semester and the residence halls closing down, many students returned home for the rest of the semester as campus closed down.   For international students, however, they face the dilemma of returning to their home country …

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