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‘Joker:’ a prerelease first glance

The release date of “Joker” is upon us but let’s take a look at what got us to this point: the point where a supervillain solo film can win the Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival.  The film, directed by Todd Phillips, is to be released on Friday, Oct. 4 and is the origin …

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Gorillas dominate Riverhawks 58-3

From start to finish, in every phase of the game, the Gorillas dominated Northeastern State, cruising to a 58-3 Family Day win. The Gorilla defense held the Riverhawks to a mere 189 yards of total offense, allowing only nine first downs. Junior safety Alex Derryberry led the defensive attack with …

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‘Castle Rock’ sends chills for King fans on Hulu

“Castle Rock” is a foray into the demented universe of Stephen King’s numerous books and it sells quite well.  The series, created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, stars Andre Holland as Henry Matthew Deaver, a criminal attorney and native of the town of Castle Rock, who returns to the …

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