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Letter to the Editor—Consent

Paiton Webster, PSU student  Consent is permission for something to happen or an agreement to do something. Consent is a huge topic for college students these days. Rape and sexual violence has been an issue in our society forever. There are many women in my life that have been raped or …

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Remaining socially distanced on this Black Friday

Black Friday is a day some people look forward to just as much as, and perhaps even more, than Thanksgiving. In preparation for Black Friday, friends and families tend to get together, stay up late, and wait in lengthy lines for hours to score the best deals of the year. Whether it be …

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The election is over, the madness continues

Joseph R. Biden Jr has clinched the 270 Electoral College votes necessary to win his race for president of the United States, according to projections by every major news network, including the President’s own propaganda machine, Fox News. This has sparked a whole new crisis by major conservatives to undermine the results of …

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Mental Health is important, and so are breaks

With the semester coming to a close, the heat is really on for students when it comes to schoolwork. Every semester once mid-terms come around professors start assigning more and more work for students. With weekly assignments topped with projects, papers, and finals (oh my!), students easily become overwhelmed.   COVID has changed the way this semester has …

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Letter to the Editor— addressing violence against sex workers

Lindsey Seger, student  We need to address the violence against sex workers.  In almost all of the United States, prostitution is an illegal source of income. Because of its perceived immoral standing, direct forms of sex work are placed under vice-crimes. Currently, Nevada is the only state in the U.S. …

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Testing positive for COVID

According to the Crawford County website, there are currently 132 active cases and 660 people in quarantine due to exposure. This number is up to date as of Tuesday, Nov. 3. I am currently one of those active cases. Last week I woke up feeling symptoms that normally come from the cold winter air coming …

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