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Officers need to face repercussions for pepper spraying a nine-year-old

On Friday Jan. 29, Rochester police responded to a call about a nine-year-old girl making threatening statements to harm herself and her mother. The nine-year old, in a mental health crisis, exclaimed many times that she wanted her father. In a mental health crisis, our fight or flight response tends to take control and we don’t think logically.   Our sympathetic nervous …

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QAnon is no longer the fringe political movement. It’s an existential threat.

The far-right movement, QAnon, was born on the internet, the Wild West of ideas in the modern age. Its tentacles have now stretched into the real world.  Firstly, let’s actually define what the QAnon movement is. That is quite a tall order. Put simply, it’s a far-right political movement focused on various conspiracies. Specifically, the conspiracy theory …

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LGBTQ+ rights do not take away women’s rights

President Biden’s inauguration took place last Wednesday, Jan. 20. Following his inauguration, he got to work repealing transphobic bills and making executive orders preventing discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.   Section one of the Executive Order states, “Every person should be treated with respect and dignity and should be able to live without fear, no matter …

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Mask mandates need to be enforced on campus

 The new semester brings students back to campus. Students have travelled home for the holidays, whether it’s in town or a different state. While going home for the holidays is not an issue, it becomes a concern when it is time to return to campus and all of these students are now back in …

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The Season of Giving, not Receiving

December marks the beginning of the holiday season for most. For some though, it starts right after Halloween. The holidays are surrounded by decorations, lights, gifts, and probably the biggest indicator of the season, an empty bank account. We spend all of our money on decorating our homes to show that we have the …

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