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Food Fight

Drawing a line in the sand-wich

Munchy Mary food fighter Some food rivals are able to maintain their own dominions all the way across town from each other, while others have to spend their days across the street staring in and wondering what customer has betrayed them by going to the dark side that day. Subway …

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Pizza pizazz

Munchy Mary food fighter   It’s time for the food battle you have all waited for. The battle to end all battles. Though, this won’t really be the last battle, that is just something people say for dramatic effect. The battle of the week is Dominos “Dueling Dice” Pizza versus Pizza …

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Chinese food battle

Munchy Mary food fighter  Whether you want take-out or delivery, Chinese food is always a good option, unless you’re in Pittsburg on a Sunday in which case that is out of the running. However, if you want the best Chinese food in town on any other night, what is the …

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Food Fight: do sushi what I see? 

Munchy Mary food fighter  When people think of Pittsburg, Kansas, their next thought is likely not about the great sushi it has to offer. However, it may be time for locals to change their tune thanks to the sushi provided by Tokyo, Chatters, and Ron’s. The three unlikely competitors consistently …

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Food fight—the battle of the half-priced appetizers

Munchy Mary  Are you always up cramming for late night study sessions? Do you enjoy a good late night meal at an unreasonably low price? Anyone who answers yes to both of those questions is probably a half priced appetizer addict. Whether referred to as its full name or simply as “happs,” many …

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