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PSU senior helps keep Spanish-speaking communities informed about COVID-19

Updates regarding the unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are circulated frequently, with news and updates daily. However, with the quick spread of information, some communities may be left out of the chain of communication. Vanessa Tapia, PSU senior in communication, is working with Spanish TV station Univision to keep Spanish-speaking communities …

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What to buy at the store for your Coronavirus lockdown

Kansas governor Laura Kelley recently put into place an executive statewide stay at home order, which limits people’s outings to going out for necessary trips to get food, medicine or other household necessities; receive medical care; to take care of household members in other locations; and to exercise.  This is …

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An exceptional trilogy to binge on lockdown

For those of you stuck at home quarantined and having nothing else to do, there are many great shows on Netflix that you can binge to pass the time. Many of these shows are hidden gems that will brighten up your day during this insane time. These three shows are a trilogy …

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Students plans change due to social distancing orders

These last few weeks have involved a lot of change and have been hectic for students. College students across the nation have been forced to change their normal ways of learning and maneuvering through their college careers. On Monday March 16, PSU students were released for an early and extended spring …

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Kansas recognizes PSU’s Nature Reach Director for her contributions to the environment

Contributing to the environment is one of the greatest concerns of our times. Recently, the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education has chosen Pittsburg State University Nature Reach Director Delia Lister as the recipient of their 2020 Excellence in Conservation and Environmental Education Award. This is an award which recognizes individuals who have …

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Conquering boredom: 10 things to do from the comfort of your home

I cannot be the only one that is bored to tears while sitting in my apartment and doing absolutely nothing. My days consist of doing whatever schoolwork I have to do that day and then spending hours scrolling through Tik Tok or Pinterest. I’ve been doing some thinking recently and I have come up with a list of things that could be fun to do or at …

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Students cancel spring break plans amid pandemic concerns

Nations across the globe are cancelling conferences, seasons and events and enacting new protocol and procedures amid the coronavirus pandemic.   At Pittsburg State, students have moved out of the dorms and classes have been moved online for the remainder of the spring semester.   Students began the transition to online course delivery this week as well as adjusting to all …

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Pittsburg man creates innovative masks to fight COVID-19

In the midst of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), many health care providers and hospitals have faced a shortage of essential items such as gloves and face masks.   Alan Kirby, a local Pittsburg resident, has stepped up in this time hour of crisis to create masks using 3D printing. In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic which has affected …

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