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‘Ant-Man and the Wasp,’ a small but mighty success at the box office.

“Ant-Man and the Wasp,” directed by Peyton Reed, breeds scientific jargon with buddy cop humor to make a movie that anybody can and should enjoy.  Acting as both a sequel to 2015’s “Ant-Man” and this year’s “Avengers: Infinity War,” the action centers, or sometimes a charming lack thereof, on Scott Lang, an ex-con who after crossing paths with brilliant …

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At-home pizza bagels

Ingredients 1 whole regular sized plain or everything bagel, cut in half  4 tbsp. marinara sauce  1/3 cup spinach, cut  1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese  2 tbsp. diced tomatoes  2 tbsp. diced onions    Instructions To start off these quick, homemade pizza bagels cut either a plain or everything bagel in …

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PSU website updates to invoke prospective students

A marketing-led and campus-backed effort, the Pittsburg State University website has taken a complete remodel, updated to suit prospective Gorillas. The two-year-long effort, headed by Gregor Kalan, director of web marketing, and Jay Hodges, marketing web manager, launched mid June.  “Well, really it was Gregor Kalan … (and) we have Jay Hodges, who is our primary …

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Concerto contest kicks off piano festival  

Eleven contestants participated in a competition Wednesday that marked the first day of the second annual Pittsburg Piano Festival, three of whom will perform with the SEK orchestra Friday night.   Sponsored by the Treble Clef Club, the Pittsburg Piano Festival celebrates talent from the elementary to professional level. The competition …

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Area youth take a nature trip

Area youth received a break from the long, hot days of summer through the Nature Reach Summer Day Camp. The camp is hosted annually by Pittsburg State University’s Biology Department, this year June 25-29 at the PSU Nature History Reserve, located southwest of Pittsburg.  The nature camp is designed to provide children with an introduction to biology and environmental studies through the use of hands-on activities. Children …

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PSU grad for Mrs. United States, adoption advocate

Samantha Reinecke, native of Chanute, Kansas, attended Pittsburg State University and graduated not once, but three times, won the Mrs. Midwest title, and is now to compete in the Mrs. United States competition.   “I just loved my experience there so much and I felt like I got an amazing education, so when I decided to pursue my …

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How to build up a great makeup collection

When it comes to building a makeup collection as a beginner in makeup, watching all those makeup tutorials and makeup artists with large varieties of beauty products can be intimidating. To those beginners, there should be no reason to feel overwhelmed with intimidation because there are five great tips to accumulating a decent size …

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Concert creates colorful combinations

Four musical combinations came together Thursday, Jun 21 for the Kaleidoscope of Styles concert as part of the ongoing 2018 Chamber Music Festival to create an array of music. The concert featured instrumentalists from wind to brass to strings played by experienced students and teachers.  A wind quintet comprised of Denissa Rivas …

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