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Everybody should study a second language

In today’s increasingly globalized world, it is important to learn the skills of cross-cultural communication. Additionally, not only is learning cross-cultural communication important, but so is the ability to speak a second language.   Today, approximately 1 in 5 Americans speak a second language other than English nationwide, according to the …

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PSU student collects food, raises money for Arma food pantry

People all over the world have had to make significant adjustments to their lives due to COVID-19. For Pitt State student Mackenzie Spaulding, senior in social work, these adjustments mainly affected her senior project in social work.   Spaulding is fundraising for Arma’s new food pantry and is collecting dry pasta, …

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Student raising money for Henry’s Haul

Every year, Children’s Mercy serves hundreds of thousands of children. In 2019 alone, they served over 500,000 children. Henry’s Haul began in August of 2013 and they provide toy cars to children at Children’s Mercy. The organization was founded by the parents of Henry, who had leukemia and passed away …

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