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NASA Grant to fund new teacher workshop over Summer 

Curtis Meyer reporter  Pitt State has been awarded a grant by the Kansas Space Grant Consortium, affiliated with NASA, for a summer teacher’s and student’s workshop at the Kansas Technology Center. Each Summer Pitt State hosts a student learning experience for kids ages 9-13, using Lego robotic systems to teach …

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Brooklyn’s Farewell  

Brooklyn Peterson lead graphic designer  I feel like I’ve said this several times in the last couple weeks of school, but I don’t know what to say or do to truly express how much I appreciate my time here at Pittsburg State University. My time here at Pitt State has …

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Are South Korean Beauty Standards Too High? 

Himika Akram reporter   If you like to read about other cultures around the world, you might have a few ideas about the South Korean drama and Pop music, which are popularly known as K-drama and K-pop. Did you notice how Korean celebrities appear to look a certain way? Whatever …

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Rotten Bananas, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret 

Himika Akram reporter   Ever since the announcement came that they were going to make a movie based on the best-selling classics written by Judy Blume, I was dying inside to see it. Finally, the wait is over on April 28. As expected, the movie is successfully running and flooded with …

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In a Dark Dark Wood, a book review 

Alyssa Tyler editor in chief  As the semester ends, I have found myself reading more suspense and thriller novels. I think it is because of my short attention span (shoutout to my philosophy course) and my brain not being able to handle complex fantasy plot lines. So, this past week …

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President Dan Shipp finishes first year in office 

Lucas Corbin reporter  When he assumed office in June of 2022, President Dan Shipp had made big promises to Pittsburg State University staff, faculty, and students. At the end of his first academic year, Shipp’s many accomplishments have been and will continue to be felt by the community.   As he …

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Baseball finishes out regular season  

 Noah Hess reporter   Pitt State Baseball had a rough weekend against Washburn University, only winning one of the three-game series. Starting off with a 6-9 loss on April 28 at Al Ortolani Field.   “We haven’t played very good baseball for three weeks in a row and it shows,” said …

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Pittsburg Welcomes Kansas Board of Regents 

Lucas Corbin reporter  On April 19 and 20, Pittsburg State University welcomed the Kansas Board of Regents to its campus, where they toured the facilities and completed legislative affairs, including committee meetings and their regular monthly meeting.   The Kansas Board of Regents is the governing body of the thirty-three higher …

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University Senate Seeks to Limit A.I. Use on Campus 

Lucas Corbin reporter  The Faculty Senate met on April 24 for their monthly meeting. It began with an election of the 2023-2024 Executive Committee officers. The ballots distributed to Senators only had one candidate for each position. Because there were no write-in candidates, each candidate on the ballot was unanimously …

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