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Engineering and construction departments team up to teach local youth

From July 12 through July 16, the Engineering Technology department hosted Level one of their robotics camp. This camp was held from 9 a.m. to noon with level 2 being held from July 19 through July 23. The School of Construction teamed up with them for this workshop and held a construction camp on the same dates from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.   “We originally started this …

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PSU offers music opportunities for incoming freshmen

Like many colleges and universities, Pittsburg State University offers opportunities related to the arts to its students. The Pittsburg community also has a multitude of performing arts opportunities, both for performers and audience members alike.  The Department of Music offers a variety of performance opportunities for students regardless of major or minor. In the voice area, the …

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We need to boycott Frito-Lay

Frito-Lay employees in Topeka Kansas have suffered unworkable conditions, long hours, and poor pay and began a strike on July 5. Striking employees state they have experienced 84-hour work weeks spanning over a course of 12-hour shifts seven days a week. They also claim forced overtime and unbearable working conditions, whether it be extreme …

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Academic services offered at PSU 

Pittsburg State aims to ensure that students thrive academically. To this end, there are many resources for students.   One of those resources is the Academic Calendar, which lists dates that students should be aware of such as deadlines for tuition and fees payments, last day to drop or add courses …

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Natural Ties to resume meeting in the fall semester 

The Natural Ties organization at Pitt State is an active organization that, according to their page on Gorilla Engage, “facilitates friendships among college students & adults with… developmental disabilities from the community. By engaging in common activities, peers with and without developmental disabilities create new friendships & have fun together. …

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Helpful advice from current PSU student for incoming freshmen

For incoming freshmen, colleges and universities can be an intimidating environment. There are many new experiences and important things that students must learn and remember to ensure they are successful. There are many opportunities for incoming freshmen to succeed at Pittsburg State University regardless of their major. Sometimes, some helpful advice from an …

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ISA resuming activity in the fall 

The International Student Association (ISA) at Pittsburg State University presents students with the opportunity to create multicultural relationships amongst each other while also hosting unique events to showcase the diversity of Pitt State’s students.   Known for hosting events such as the International Showcase, welcome parties, and the Food and Culture …

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Opportunities to be recognized, given awards 

Pittsburg State University hosts various events, activities, and gatherings annually. At some of these events, students have the opportunity to be presented with awards that acknowledge their hard work, effort, and success academically, socially, and professionally.   The Golden Gorilla award is given on Apple Day to recognize juniors and non-graduating seniors who …

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HOT returning in the fall, hosting meetings, activities

Hispanics of Today, or HOT, is a Pittsburg State University organization that intends to assist students in developing social, personal, and academic growth by giving them the means to learn about Hispanic culture.   “…(HOT is) an organization that welcomes and assists students with multicultural connections within the PSU campus,” said …

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