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Pittsburg offers services to incoming, returning Pitt State students

The Pittsburg community has many options for students to partake in local services. These services could include anything from hair care to auto repair.  For retail and apparel, Pittsburg offers Goodwill, JCPenney’s, Gordman’s and Maurice’s which all offer general designer apparel. As well as these options, Pittsburg also has local businesses Sonder & Co, Gorilla …

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Local restaurants welcome returning Pitt State students

Pittsburg is home to many local eating establishments as well as the national food franchises and they all are offering culinary service to Pitt State students this fall.  The Pittsburg community features several kinds of cuisine for students to enjoy. Those who like Italian food will be satisfied by Gusano’s, a pizzeria, …

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Pittsburg State offers clubs and organizations to students

For returning college students and freshmen new to campus, joining a club or organization to help occupy time or explore interests can be a beneficial experience and aid with a well-rounded education.  Pittsburg State has many different types of organizations including Greek life, professional honor societies, as well as recreational and academic …

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Pittsburg State offers its traditions to new students

Pittsburg State has many traditions, rituals, and ceremonies that students, faculty, and staff often partake in and the campus is ready to offer these features of college living to the incoming freshman class of 2020.  Freshman who started at Pitt State previous to 2019 might remember taking the class, “Freshman Experience” but this class …

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‘Wrinkles the Clown’ gives a scare in July

“Wrinkles the Clown” is a wild ride through the “evil clown” phenomenon publicized in the news in the mid-2010s.  The documentary, directed by Michael Beach Nichols, features the eponymous clown and the hysteria surrounding the performer. Wrinkles, based in Florida, offers parents of naughty children his phone number to call when …

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‘Hamilton’ shakes up history on Disney+

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s critically acclaimed Broadway musical finally reached a wider audience when it hit Disney’s streaming service, Disney+ on July 3.  The show, written, directed, produced and starring Miranda tells the life story of United States Founding Father Alexander Hamilton through the aesthetic of modern popular music styles, such as rap, …

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