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Trivia Night in the U-Club

PSU students gathered for trivia night in the U-Club Saturday, Aug. 25, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. At the trivia night students had the opportunity to enjoy free nachos and a drink while playing a fun game of trivia with a chance of winning T-shirts and cash.   Students participating in …

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The benefits of using pineapple oil

Essential oils have many benefits to health. There is almost an oil for everything you can imagine and many essential oils have more than one benefit. Over the summer, I went into my regular nail salon for a full set. Each time I go, there would be an oil they …

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How to build up a great makeup collection

When it comes to building a makeup collection as a beginner in makeup, watching all those makeup tutorials and makeup artists with large varieties of beauty products can be intimidating. To those beginners, there should be no reason to feel overwhelmed with intimidation because there are five great tips to accumulating a decent size …

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Cataracts awareness month: treatments and prevention

When it comes to health awareness there are many months that are recognized. January is known for cervical health and cervical cancer prevention, May for stroke awareness, and October for breast cancer awareness. However, as we roll into the early days of June there should be some recognition to this month’s awareness: cataracts awareness. According to …

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How to self-pamper with Lush Cosmetics

When it comes to self-care, treating yourself to a nice spa day or massage is a must. However, for those who may not be able to afford a spa day, or those who may get a little creeped out about the thought of a stranger touching you, don’t be discouraged. …

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