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Music Review: Harry’s House 

Megan Brownell social media editor  

Harry’s House is Harry Styles third solo album, and was released on May 20th, 2022. Though the album has been out for some time, I still feel like after all this time it still deserves a review. Voted album of the year at the 2023 Grammy’s, this of course has to be a great album to win over the Grammy’s voting. I personally loved the album from the minute it came out. I started off having one skip on the album, but it later on became one of my favorites.  

We first heard about his new album coming out when Harry released the first single from the album, ‘As It Was’. This song shot up to fame, with a music video and claiming #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and staying #1 for 15 straight weeks. This record made it the first for that length for a UK artist, and fifth-longest in the Billboard Hot 100’s history.  

When the album itself came out around a month later, it again topped the billboard charts, shooting up to the #1 album for two weeks in a row.  

Though the album has broken countless records with streams, let’s talk a little bit more about the album itself. The first song opens the album, ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant.’ It starts with a funky beat slowing into a quick paced fun beat. I think it was a great song to open the album with, and he later released a music video for it, showing the meaning to the song a little bit more about how it feels in the industry, that if you mess up a little you’re done for.  

The same vibe went for the next few songs, fun upbeat ones such as ‘Late Night Talking’ which was another single with a music video. After ‘Daylight,’ we start to get into those mid-album sadder songs.  

My personal favorite is next, ‘Little Freak.’ It is a slower song, and was a shockingly sad song for fans on release day. It is a love song, and for me I love the lyrics with the pace of the song, it is absolutely beautiful. But the next song is the most sad song on the album, ‘Matilda’. This is a heartbreaking son about a friend who has family issues. This song appeals to the feelings of so many fans, giving them a song to relate to when they have a rocky relationship with their family. As sad as the song is, I love it, as he sings it so beautifully and the lyrics are extremely strong to help pull those tears out if you need them to be.  

He pushes things upbeat in the next song, ‘Cinema’, being a fun to dance to song. The next few are the same way, with ‘Keep Driving’ having one of those iconic bridges fans love, even though that song is listing off multiple things. 

Towards the end things slow down again, starting with ‘Boyfriends’. Unfortunately, this song was quickly pinned as the “worst” song on the album, but it’s a favorite of mine. It is another slower song about how difficult boyfriends can be, but is again another beautifully written song.  

Harry has already toured this album with the second half of ‘Love On Tour.’ He helped show his connection with his fans going out on stage showing off the fun songs as he buzzed around the big stage dancing and having a great time, and preparing his fans before sad songs and staying right at the microphone to connect with them even more. This album overall is very beautifully written and gets a 10/10 from me.  

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