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AAUW hosts ‘Take What You Need” to support Pitt State  

Alyssa Tyler editor in chief  

The Altruistic Alliance of University Women (AAUW) has decided to work towards supporting students, staff, faculty, and people off of campus this academic year. To fulfill this promise AAUW has scheduled multiple ‘Take What You Need” tables for anyone and everyone to stop by and take what they need. The second tabling this semester was on Nov. 14.  

Some of the items at the table included deodorant, toothbrushes, socks, toothpaste, condoms, hair ties, shower caps, bonnets and other items.  

“There were so many students that grabbed a couple of things to get through the night, or some students grabbed some more things to get through break,” said Olivia Goebel, senior in accounting and president of AAUW.  “We didn’t realize that there was such a need on campus until we hosted the event. So, I’m glad that we were able to help Pitt out and I think we’ll do it again, hopefully one more time this semester one- or two-times next semester. 

Goebel said there were many reasons behind this specific event.  

“Pitt State students drive the social life and like the campus of Pitt in general,” Goebel said. “We need to have each other’s backs just to support each other. Um, this is one simple way that we can do that. Um, and it’s our specific organization trying to help a wide variety of people. But, um, I think that other leaders, other organizations and different areas of Pitt can step up and try to support one another.” 

AAUW is located within the Office of Inclusion and belonging, Goebel said that the organization is the women’s diversity and empowerment group on campus.  
“We are women focused but we see all people in all needs,” Goebel said. “We’re social justice warriors trying to promote a positive change on this earth starting on our campus.” 

AAUW is currently undergoing a rebrand. Goebel said that the group is keeping the same goals, such as promoting positive change.  

“Anyone can be a member. Anyone can come and hang out for a day; anyone can volunteer with our volunteer activities. It’s a space that everyone should feel included, and I think that we have taken that challenge with such ease this year with the great group of people that we already have.  

More information about the group can be found on Gorilla Engage.  

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