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Spencer Sutherlands Debut Album ‘In His Mania’  

Megan Brownell photojournalist  

In late 2022, Spencer Sutherland came out with his debut album ‘In His Mania’. Though he is a smaller artist, last summer he opened for Big Time Rush, where most of his newer fans discovered him. That’s exactly how I did, he opened for them and I fell in love with his style and voice. For months, he hinted at his album, before he finally announced his debut album ‘In His Mania’.  

I remember my first listen, opening the album with one of his most popular singles, ‘Everybody’. It leads into the album great, showing off a classic of what he has already gone, and overall a great song to begin with.  

His overall style is a mix of Harry Styles, as well as an obvious Elvis style, with Spencer’s love for similar jumpsuits. His music is like pop with a funky rock r&b feel.  

The album itself is full of fun songs, as well as your typical sad songs. Track six, ‘Out of Love’ is one of those heartbreaking songs. I love this song when it comes to sadness and getting in your feelings. It is a great representation of falling out of love with someone and having to come to terms with it. ‘Strange Feeling’ is another one of the sadder song that relates to love ending.  

My favorite song though is one of the more fun and upbeat ones, ‘Outrun The Feeling’. This song is more about falling in love, and needing to outrun the feeling of love, but you simply cannot. The song makes it easy toscream in the car having one of those ‘main character moments’ with a song. But it is hard to pick out a favorite song, as there are so many good ones on there.  

Debut albums can be hard to start off strong, but I personally think Spencer did a great job. He is already releasing a deluxe version of the album this coming Friday, and though there are no ‘new’ songs, he is adding different remixes and original demos for some of the original tracks.  

Overall, I think the album is very well balanced of fun fast paced songs, to sad slow songs, and everything in between. Overall I rate this album 9/10 and a skipless album. 

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