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Opinion: Things aren’t always as they seem  

Megan Brownell photojournalist  

Mental Health, an always somewhat sticky subject to talk about. It’s always so interesting however, as we never know what exactly it is doing to someone’s head. I recently went through a traumatizing event that has altered my mental health and will stay altering it for some time. And with it, it has helped me realize that you never know what is going on in someone’s head.  

You heard stories of people who were on their way to take their life and some random stranger smiled at them on the way and it was the small effect that made the suicicial person change his mind. And the other person had no idea of what they did for that person. 

Talking with people, it can hide itself so easily. You never really know what is going on inside their head, because they know how easy it is to bottle up those feelings. Even with my recent events I know how easy it is to leave out parts during a conversation or lie about how I am feeling.  

So why am I pointing this out, when people know how easy it is to lie about how they are feeling? I want to put it out there to be mindful of it; to be kind to anyone you see, stranger or not. You never know what they are going through. You never know if what you say could be their last straw or what saves their life.  

For instance, I have had many heart to heart conversations with people lately. And it is shocking how people can be so fun and seem so full of life one minute, and the next it is full of tears on their once happy face. It is scary seeing how quick things can change with someone suffering from poor mental health.  

I have been relating to it recently though. I have had so many people who did not know of or know exactly what my situation was. But they were kind, and would say something that would make my day, make me smile.  

I even know how easy it is to do that to others. I am always kind and genuine to people, smiling at strangers instead of just staring at them while passing by. And even if it doesn’t affect them because I smiled at them, it is still showing it to someone, and again you don’t know what is going on inside a person’s head and no matter what humans deserve kindness.  

I know I have appreciated being treated kindly without knowing what is going on in my head, so I treat others the same, and I am sure everyone wants to be treated this way. My best advice is to treat others like this because you truly never know what is happening in their mind, and karma is real and it will come back in a positive way. I am sure it will come back at the right time, when you need it most.  

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