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Pitt State Powerlifting Club starts anew post pandemic  

Alyssa Tyler editor in chief  

A group of students gather in a half circle at the Plaster Center. It’s 6:30 on a Tuesday night and some students are sipping on energy drink cans while others mix their prework out into their shakers. Laughs fill the space as they begin to find their own racks and set up their barbells. They carry backpacks filled with knee sleeves, belts, and chalk. The group of students begin moving the benches, adjusting the height on the barbells, preparing for their first team lift together.  

This meeting was the first official team lift for the newly revamped Pitt State Powerlifting Club. This was the third meeting of the year, while it was considered a team practice, everyone followed their own split and program. Some lifters, like Brody Littrel, a sophomore in construction management who has years of experience with powerlifting competitions.  

“We’re a very new organization,” Littrel said. “There was one in the past, like five years ago. But I think Covid-19 kind of killed that organization. And then we came back there (about) ten of us. We’re just a group of people who share love for the sport of powerlifting. Some of us want to compete (and) some of us are just general lifters.” 

Some members have little to no experience with the sport of powerlifting, either way, all are welcome. Littrel believes that with his experience, he can help newcomers.  

“I mainly joined because I already have experience powerlifting,” Littrel said. “But I knew everybody else in the club didn’t really have any experience and I believe I had a lot of knowledge. That (could) really help other people and so. And I also wanted to join a community of people who love lifting. It’s fun when you all get together and get better… I think it’s pretty important, because people need some sort of community to join (and) to be a happy person.” 

Littrell and other members of the club have goals for the club for the upcoming years. Such as hosting a Pitt State Powerlifting meet, volunteering at local high schools, fundraising, and having an official team for Pitt State to compete under.  

“I actually have some pretty big goals since I’ve been to collegiate nationals. I know exactly what it takes to get there, so eventually I want a group of people on a trip and represent Pitt state on a collegiate national stage as a club. Eventually I’d like the club to form into a team for the school. Powerlifting is a growing sport and programs are popping up across a lot of colleges now. And I think it’s a sport that’s going to be normalized like football and basketball. I also want to host a home meet at Pitt State.  

Many times, the members of the organization will work out in their own time and then will meet once or twice a week to discuss how their training is going and competition updates.  

I would say powerlifting is a very welcoming committee or a community. And they have nothing to lose by joining. Come try it out. We’re really just a group of people who love to get in the gym and better ourselves. So, there’s nothing to lose. 

More information about the Pitt State Powerlifting Club can be found on Gorilla Engage.  

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