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Opinion: Staying Active 

Kathryn Dennett Reporter

While in high school being in some type of sports or gym class is normal but what happens when you leave for college? Some are chosen to play sports; others do not get chosen to be on a team. Here you do not have to take a gym class unless it is required for you to graduate. Being a big athletic kid during high school coming to college not playing sports or being in a gym class, I had to find a way to remain active. To be more active but not to the level I was at I have taken up running and walking more while not having an actual routine. The campus does have a good option for students by having a free gym where students can work out. This can be useful for students who love to lift or have somewhere inside to be active. Being active does not just involve lifting, walking, running, playing games, etc… This can include normal activities because you walk every day and if you are in a profession where you lift objects you are being active.  

Why be active though? There are immediate and long-term benefits for people who are active. Immediate benefits from the CDC website include sleep, less anxiety, and lower blood pressure. Long-term benefits from the CDC website include brain and heart health, cancer prevention, healthy weight, bone strength, and balance and coordination. There is reliable evidence for the reason to be active because it makes you healthier. Being active now as a college student can help you in the future.  

On the other side not working out can lead to premature death, more prone to injury, and being overweight. Not everyone is overweight due to not being active because genetics plays a significant role in that process. Would you rather do some type of activity instead of dying sooner? I certainly would because then you can see more and do more in the future. Injuries do, however, take out active people and can cause them to be less active until they heal. This can cause them to not be at their full potential and they must build back up to that point they were at before injury.  

The American population does not get the level of exercise they need to better themselves. This causes some issues but why do you not step up and try being active to help those numbers go down? I know I should be more active, and I try to be, but I am one person. There are hundreds of other people who can help lower this number and campus provides an opportunity for this number to go down. Make your future better with a degree and a healthier body. By doing exercise you could excel in your classes by giving yourself a chance for better brain health. All evidence comes from the CDC article “Why Should People be Active?” so if you want to read further go ahead. Try being active and see what it does for you.  

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