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Movie Review: After Death 

Himika Akram reporter  

After watching back-to-back two terrible films of the week Freelance and What Happens Later, I decided not to write a review for either of them. I would rather pick the documentary, which is running at AMC Classic now, called After Death. 

After Death investigates NDEs (Near Death Experience) and the possible insights they provide about the afterlife. Scientists, authors, and NDE survivors are interviewed to provide their unique perspectives on the subject. 

The continuity of the near-death experience accounts is one of the film’s most striking features. The near-death experiences (NDEs) described in the video come from a wide variety of people and cultures, but they all have certain things in common. The sensation of floating above and seeing down on one’s own body. Harmony and affection. Communication with ethereal creatures or departed loved ones. Having come back to life with a fresh perspective on the cycle of experience. 

The documentary also delves into the study of NDEs in the lab. Although this study is still in its infancy, it has already established that NDEs are more than hallucinations or psychological disturbances. In reality, there is emerging evidence that NDEs might be authentic experiences of the afterlife. 

One of the strongest pieces of evidence comes from the research conducted on blind people who have had NDEs. These NDEs occurred when the narrators were blind, but their descriptions of the afterlife were pretty consistent with the ones described by the individuals with sight. This is strong evidence that NDEs are more than mere figments of imagination. 

Evidence from a study of patients whose hearts stopped beating during surgery is also quite strong. Despite being unconscious and having no way of knowing what was going on in the operating room, these folks were able to provide accurate descriptions of events during their NDEs. 

The meaning of NDEs in relation to the afterlife is also examined. If near-death experiences are authentic afterlife encounters, they indicate that our minds do not stop functioning after our bodies do. 

For many NDE survivors, this is a stunning epiphany that completely alters their outlook on life—an increased respect for life, a softer heart. And less dread of death are all possible outcomes. 

Overall, this documentary is a professionally produced and educational video that investigates NDEs from multiple angles. The film includes discussions with scientists, religious leaders, and philosophers. Several first-person accounts of NDEs are included. 

Although it doesn’t answer all of your questions regarding what happens after death, this film gives you a good look at the current level of study on near-death experiences (NDEs). Additionally, it provides a window into the lives of those who have had NDEs and how those experiences have impacted them. 

I liked this documentary a lot because it did not impose any opinion. The director just laid out facts, and let the audience decide what they meant. The film’s interviewees’ wide range of backgrounds and experiences wowed me as well. The film benefited from having a wide range of viewpoints represented in its production team. 

The most interesting parts of the documentary were the NDE survivors’ accounts. It was intriguing to learn about their experiences and how they have impacted their life. It is a must-watch for everyone curious about NDEs. My personal rating of this documentary would be 6.5/10. 

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