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Music Review: 1989 Taylor’s Version  

Megan Brownell social media editor  

Taylor Swift came out with her fourth re-recorded album, 1989. The anticipation for the release was huge, from the original album being a monumental part of her career and being a big fan favorite of her pop era. She announced the re-recording on her last LA The Eras Tour show on Aug. 9th after fans had been speculating it being the next re-release for not just months after Speak Now, but even before the re-release of Red.  

Though the album contains all 16 original tracks, she added five previously unreleased “vault tracks”  that were songs she wanted on the original album but they just did not make the cut.  

So now let’s discuss my review for this new edition of the album, from the changes in the original tracks to the new tracks. With this being one of her most recent albums that she is re-recording, we don’t hear much of a change in her vocals since it has been a shorter time rather than if we were comparing the original Fearless and Fearless TV. In 1989, most of the change was in the production. Sure there are slight changes in some of her vocals and you can tell they are a little different, but really the biggest one is the bridge of Blank Space hearing more of a harmony.  

Next let’s discuss the vault tracks. I think these might be the best ones yet, making them overall a 10/10. After a couple days of listening, I think my favorite is ‘Say Don’t Go’ with my least favorite being ‘Suburban Legends’. What is super interesting about these vault tracks, is all these years fans thought Harry Styles (who a lot of the album is about) was a good ex of Taylor, but these tracks kind of exposed him as it wasn’t so great. ‘Now That We Don’t Talk’ is another great track even listing about how now that they don’t talk she doesn;t have to pretend to like things anymore or how things have changed. Overall it’s a great, fun and upbeat song.  

One of the vault tracks also has been declared as the lead single, ‘Is It Over Now?’. It is again another one fans speculate is about Harry, but it is all about having trouble letting go, which I feel relates to ‘I Wish You Would’.  

Fans were also surprised the next morning with the Taylor’s Version of the Bad Blood remix with Kendrick Lamar. It was a huge hit when released in 2014 and fans were excited that she decided to re-record this version with him.  

Overall, this was another big successful re-recording from the Taylor Swift herself. It has already broken so many records and may even out-do her Midnights release. I loved this album from the original version and the new version is even better. I even think each re-recording has gotten better and better, helping 1989 TV pull a 10/10 from me. It is a great album to go stream for a fun dancing car ride.  

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