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AI is changing our world  

Megan Brownell social media editor 

Artificial Intellgience, or AI has taken off in the past few years. It is changing everyday life in a monumnetal way, targeting personal lives, work, and school.  

AI has many benefits. Some people have been enjoying the artistic side of it, as seen in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. For example, someone can type a description in and in seconds the program builds a scene of what they asked for. It is content-aware, meaning that it is able to fill in certain parts of the background or different areas.  

As a student using this program I was able to create an entirely different project based on using AI rather than taking hours and perfectly craft the scene how I wanted. Once could argue that the AI program came out with a better project than what I could ahve done. With this one program, out of the hundreds if not thousands of others, businesses and students are saving valuable time. 

Although there is a positive side to AI, there is a negative side to it as well. AI has been used to scam other people in many different ways, one way is where people have received phone calls with a loved one’s voice screaming for help or showing distress on the other end. It wasn’t real, and those words hadn’t been said in that way before, all AI needed was the voice and they could make it say anything in any tone.  

It is replacing the way we do things online, cutting down on time and most likely cost. This can be a game changer for companies, and can most likely cut down on jobs. With it, designing a project could take hours or multiple people to do it, but with AI it can be done in seconds.  

Though us exploring AI is still somewhat new and different, there are positive and negative outlooks on it. It can be extremely interesting and change the way we design, but also causes news fears for people in its crazy ways people can use it. It falls on the person using it to decide if they will use it for good or bad.  

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