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Pitt State to host Sioux Falls in homecoming matchup 

Freshman quarterback Ty Pennington rushes the ball against the Missouri Southern defensive line on Oct 14. Alyssa Tyler

Curtis Meyer reporter 

Pitt State is riding high after wins against rival opponents Missouri Southern and Northwest Missouri, during a back-to-back road trip. Gorillas will return home to play the University of Sioux Falls North Dakota for homecoming.  

“It was just kind of everyone doing their job, and just not being satisfied with anything. Each drive we all did our best, and when everyone does their job, it makes the whole thing easy. When everyone does their thing we get on a roll, and it’s hard to stop us when we’re on that roll,” said freshmen quarterback Ty Pennington.  

The Gorillas are hoping to repeat last week’s performance, a 28-7 win, against an unfamiliar opponent the Sioux Falls Cougars. The Cougars have had a very up and down season, sitting at 3-5 and coming off of two losses in a row.  

As part of the N0rthern Sun Collegiate Conference, Sioux Falls has been strong throughout the season, scoring at least 26 points in all but one of their games this season, including against #9 Minnesota State.  

Looking at their defense however, the Cougars have been struggling. With four games where opponents have scored 42 points or more, they have not been able to quiet many opposing offenses. As a team, the Cougars have just three sacks in eight games played, and just six interceptions.   

For comparison, Pitt State has more than double the number of interceptions, with a hefty fourteen on the season. Pitt State has seven sacks on the season. Even with their impressive offense this season, Sioux Falls only averages around 30 points per game, while Pitt State is averaging around 34.  

All of this leads to what will be an impressive showdown between Pitt State’s overwhelming defense and the attack of Sioux Fall’s offense. The Cougars defensive woes will give the Gorillas offense a chance to show what they can do, as the Cougars have allowed almost as many rushing yards per game as passing.  

Pitt State has fast become a run first team, with three running backs and a quarterback all averaging over 30 yards per game. It will be interesting to see if that trend continues as they face the Cougars.  

It is also Homecoming weekend for the Gorillas, so no doubt that family and alumni will arrive in Pittsburg hoping to see the Gorillas win. All of this can add pressure to the players and coaches, but the Gorillas are focused on winning the game this week.  

“We’re trying to keep every week the same, every week is just as important as the last, our goal is to go 1-0. Obviously, Homecoming, Yell-Like-Hell this week, just a little extra excitement, and it gets us excited for sure playing in the homecoming game, so we’re excited for that,” said junior linebacker Luke Jennings.  

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