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Music Review: 1989, a review before Taylor’s Version release 

Megan Brownell social media editor  

Taylor Swift is releasing her next re-recorded album, 1989 on Oct. 27. This is her fourth re-recording, and the original is her fifth studio album. With the Taylor’s Version of it coming out on Friday, I wanted to give a review of the original 16 tracks before the newest version comes out.  

The original version came out on the same day, October 27th, but in 2014. She had three singles released before though, ‘Shake It Off,’ ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Blank Space’. With this era of Swift, they became extremely popular hitting top billboard spots. They really are good songs, but personally I think they are overrated, so I give them a 6/10. Don’t get me wrong, they are classics and I will jam to them at any given moment. They just aren’t my favorites from the album.  

The full album opens up with ‘Welcome to New York,’ a fun upbeat song about how she’s reinvented herself with moving to NYC from Nashville and moving to pop as opposed to country. This again isn’t my favorite, but it’s super fun to dance to and made for an iconic entrance at the 1989 World Tour.  

Moving on down the tracklist, we move to ‘Out Of The Woods’ which is a fan favorite song with one of those iconic Swift bridges. The next coming songs are all more fun upbeat songs showcasing Swift’s move to pop music. 1989 is arguably the best album to dance to.   

But like any album, it’s has sad and slower songs. It doesn’t start to slow down until track 11 with ‘This Love’. Taylor has already put the Taylor’s Version of this song, since it was featured in ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ on Netflix. It is a slow love song about the ups and downs of a relationship and is just beautifully written.  

The original 13 tracks closes the album with ‘Clean’ my personal favorite on the album. It is a great song all about getting clean from a hard relationship and the feeling of it, but also missing it and being able to stay away. It was a great ending to the original tracks and for Taylor’s lucky 13.  

She also did release a deluxe edition, adding new songs ‘Wonderland’, ‘You Are In Love’ and ‘New Romantics’. All three of these are classics as well, but not being as popularized as the first three songs released on the album. They bring the same split of two being fun upbeat songs, and one of them being more slower.  

Overall though, I rate this album a 9/10 and is another skipless album. It is a pop classic and was a great introduction for her changing to the genere.  

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