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Circe, book review 

Alyssa Tyler editor in chief 

For many college students out there, this time of year is extremely busy. That includes myself, so this week I will be doing a bit of a rewind and review a book I read a few months back. That book was Circe by Madeline Miller.  

Let me start off with that I am a sucker for all Greek mythology re-telling’s. From my childhood series to Percy Jackson to romance novels that retell the story of Hades and Persephone. If it is a Greek retelling, it will go on my never-ending to be read list on GoodReads. 

Madeline Miller has an extremely popular novel called The Song of Achilles. Unlike some BookTok recommendations, this novel deserves all of the hype. The book is heartbreaking but so beautifully written at the same time. However, this review is about another novel Miller has written, Circe. Circe is the least ‘popular’ of her books, but it deserves all the hype and recommendations that A Song of Achilles has.  

Circe follows, guess who, the Goddess Circe. Circe is the daughter of a titan, where her parents are related by blood (go Greek mythology!) The novel follows her childhood where she does not get attention from her parents, family, or friends. She slowly learns her powers (magic). When eventually she is banished to her island.  

There on the island she finds solace in being alone. Throughout these chapters as the reader, you see her grow from a scared young girl, into a strong, independent woman. From there, I won’t spoil the plot. The information that I have given is information coming straight from the Greek legends. From her banishment, turning men into pigs, and her extremely inbred family. 

This story is gorgeous, and I mean that in the very literal sense. The character building, the descriptions, analogies, overall, it is an incredible read. 

Although, if you are expecting this to be like Percy Jackson, or as romantic as The Song of Achilles, you are looking at the wrong book. This book does have romance and action, but not to the same extent as Percy Jackson or The Song of Achilles. 

Overall, I rate this book a 4.5/5. The only reason I did not rate it higher was because some parts were dry and hard to get through. I do have to say, that is most likely just because I am an extremely pick reader and struggle with every book I read. Although, even if I don’t like it, I will finish it.  

If you are looking for a book that will get you a book hangover (the condition of not wanting to read any other books because this one was just too good.) This book is for you. Also, if you are a crier, I would recommend a box of tissues at hand for the ending.  

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