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Book review, A Court of Thorns and Roses 

Alyssa Tyler editor in chief 

To continue the Sarah J Maas trend, this week I will be rating and reviewing A Court of Thorns and Roses. This series is more popular than Throne of Glass, which is what I reviewed last week. Throne of Glass begins Young Adult Fantasy friendly. Yes, there is plenty of action, choice words, and gruesome scenes, but it is comparable to Percy Jackson or Harry Potter in the latter end of the series. ACOTAR, on the other hand, is not kid friendly. I would not recommend this series to anyone under the age of 16, due to some romantic situations that take place throughout the series.  

To begin, the novel opens with 19-year-old Feyere Archeron, the youngest of three sisters, (the other two are useless and extremely annoying.) The family was once very wealthy, but their father (who is also useless) lost it all in bad business decisions. Feyere made the smart, albeit obvious choice of not letting her family starve, and begins to hunt for the family.  

5oo years earlier, there was a great war between the fae and the mortals. The mortals won, just barely. Some fae pitied the mortals and created a boundary that separated the human land from the fae land. The fae lands, were split up into courts. Day Court, Night Court (remember this one), Spring Court, Dusk Court, so on and so forth.  

Now returning to Feyere, to keep her family alive, Feyere would venture dangerously close to the boundary between the lands. She would hunt what she could and would risk the fae’s wrath. One day while hunting she sees a massive wolf, she notices how the wolf lets her shoot it, but brushes the thought away. She kills the wolf, takes the meat, and sells the hide. A few days later a ferocious beast comes in and breaks down her house (more of a shed really.) The beast demands repayment for killing a friend of his, the wolf. The repayment? Feyere.  

So there Feyere goes, with the beast, they cross through the fae lands and end up in the Spring Court. As a mortal in the fae lands, Feyere learns more about the feared fae than she thought she would ever get to. But now, she must figure out the curse plaguing the land. And fall in love with her captor.  

This series is not completed, but it is entertaining. Although, I do like Throne of Glass much more than this series. This series is more ‘adult’ suited. While Throne of Glass is very plot and character development focused, ACOTAR’s feels flat and one dimensional. The characters are easy to love, and they will break your heart. If I did not compare the series to its sister, Throne of Glass, I would rate the series higher. 

I can thoroughly understand the hype behind the series, but at the same time, there are a lot better series out there that deserve the same if not more attention. I rate this series (as of what is released) 3.5/5. 

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