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Book review, Daughter of No Worlds 

Alyssa Tyler editor in chief 

I have been an avid reader for many years. Because of that, I can look at a book and decide if it will give me a ‘book hangover.’ I found myself having this issue with Daughter of No Worlds by Carissa Broadbent. This was a trilogy on Kindle Unlimited. But I will absolutely buy the book to have physical copies of.  
I will be reviewing the entire series, but I will only recap the first book, no spoilers here. This book has an extremely complex magic system, world building, politics, and a lot of morally grey characters. So, I will be keeping the overview extremely brief because you must read the series to have some clue of what I am talking about.  

Book one opens with Tissanah Vyztic, a young girl who was enslaved eight years ago. She was taken from her homeland and was sent to work for the Threllian nobility. Her unique looks, mismatched eyes, black and white hair, and vitiligo. In the series this is not explained by science but instead by magic. Her unique looks are a telltale sign of her abilities.  

Tissanah has magic and is desperate to escape her owner’s house. She raises the money to buy her freedom, kills her captor, and crosses the world to make it to Ara. Ara is a continent across the world, and home to The Order. The one place and group that can teach Tissanah how to use her magic, and the one group that can help her free the slaves she left behind.  

Max is a war hero, extremely grumpy, and hates The Order. He has hidden himself from the world after he killed countless and turned the tides of the war years prior. But, when Tissanah arrives on his doorstep, desperate to be trained, he takes her in. 

From there the story continues, people betray others, people are killed, and the plot twist is extremely satisfying. The series features plenty of tropes that make readers go crazy, (who did this to you, grumpy with sunshine, you know the list). But none of these tropes are written poorly. They are all done correctly and done extremely well.  

For the first book, Daughter of No Worlds, I would rate it 4.75/5. The opening story is heartwarming and well-written, and you fall in love with all the characters. The only reason that I do not consider it perfect, is because the world building, magic systems, and the politics of The Order is so easy to get lost in. I struggled understanding the basics, so when more complex magic came up later in the series, I was lost.  

I must mention though, in the second book of the series, you will meet a young woman named Aefe. And this character, you will love her, hate her, and everything in between. Keep your mind open about her past, current situations, and her future. Due to this character alone, I give the series 5/5.  

This book is a must read for any fan of fantasy series. The series is on Kindle Unlimited and can be bought for physical copies on most bookselling websites.  

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