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PSU student wins GIT award 

Alyssa Tyler editor-in-chief  

Peyton Simpson, a senior in graphic communications and Labette County Community College alumni won the ‘Once in a Century’ award for a logo he created. The logo was designed and created for the hundred year celebration of Labette Community College.  

“I thought that it would be a good idea to try my best at creating something because I previously went to Labette Community College graduated in 2021 and I studied graphic design there. My teacher Melissa Kipp was very important in my development as a designer and so I wanted to kind of honor her by trying,” Simpson said.  

In an interview with PSU News and Media, Simpson described the reasoning behind his design. 

“I wanted to respect the previous generations of Cardinal logos while also allowing it to stand apart with modern touches,” Simpson said. “I believed this momentous occasion required the cardinal to literally ‘break free,’ spread its wings, and take flight.”  

Simpson worked on the logo for approximately two weeks, and about an hour each day.  

“Labette was a good foundation and I learned a good amount of the basics but also more than just the basics. I was able to develop a lot of skills there. It’s two different educations on the same topic but they are completely different. Like, (at Labette) we didn’t do like print stuff and now I’m doing print stuff which is really cool but you need to know like the basics to be able to do the right stuff,” Simpson said. 

Looking towards his last year, Simpson is enthusiastic and anticipates using his degree to serve others.   

“I look forward to developing my skills. I really like making connections with people while also serving individuals the best I can. Being able to work at the print shop here on campus kind of helps with that. If someone comes in they want something and I’m able to do that for them. I also work at Root Coffeehouse and so that’s another way that I’m able to express my desire to like serve others. If they want something or they need something that makes them feel better I can do that. So ideally in the future after graduation I am able to find somewhere that allows me to express that desire even further whether that be through like designing or producing materials I just want to serve,” Simpson said.  

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