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Porter Hall’s introduces new exhibit  

Emily Ford photojournalist  

On Feb. 15, Porter Hall opened a new exhibit created by Nick Gadbois, an artist from Kansas City. Gadbois states that their approach to abstract involves transforming industrial byproducts that have been discarded and turns them into artwork. Porter Hall has a call for entries that goes out regionally and nationally, resulting in Gadbois submitting their artwork. After a review from a select group of students, faculty, and community members, Gadbois’ artwork was selected.  

According to Gadbois, their approach to abstract painting rejects the old view of defining abstraction as a product of imagination, giving a new definition to abstract painting. They state that this kind of view constricts the possibilities and disconnects it from the real world. The paintings that Gadbois has displayed are cutting boards that have been cast away and contain a matrix of lines and shapes that overlap. They take these boards without any programming of the markings and repurposes them into works of art. The channels and surface layers are colored differently to accentuate the designs in the boards. These works combine the all over style of Pollock and the automatic writing of the surrealists. 

Gadbois’ artworks have been incorporated into multiple collections, both private and corporate and has been exhibited in places all over the country. A few of these places include: Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, Santa Fe, and Kansas City. They have also done multiple solo shows at Arts KC, Smalter Gallery, Todd Weiner Gallery, and Kiosk. In addition to paintings, Gadbois has also participated and completed public art projects in New Mexico and Washington state.  

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