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Morgan Cristy returns to PSU as new mental health counselor  

Alyssa Tyler editor in chief  

Morgan Cristy graduated with her master’s in clinical psychology this past December. She is now returning to campus as a faculty member. Cristy is now one of four mental health counselors based at the Bryant Student Health Center.  

Along with being a counselor, Cristy also focuses on outreach programs. 

“I work with students to help them cope with a variety of stressors associated with their stage of life and treat mental health concerns,” Cristy said. “Another part of my position is outreach. I am able to set aside time to attend events or speak to groups of students and staff about mental health.” 

The process of becoming a mental health counselor is a long one, Cristy chose this career because of her love of people.  

“I chose this career path because I love people. I love getting to know people and getting the opportunity to help them feel heard, valued, and known. It is such an honor to get to do this daily for the students of Pittsburg State,” Cristy said.  

Cristy attended Pittsburg State for her undegraduate degree as well, earning her bachelors degree in psychology in 2020. The community feel of Pittsburg being a major point of her return.  

“I came back to Pittsburg State due to the community-like atmosphere and the college student population. Ever since pursuing a degree in clinical psychology, I have wanted to work with the college population. I believe the college years are an important time where an individual’s identity is formed and solidified. I think this is an exciting time to get help students feel valued, heard, and known as they work through situations they are experiencing,” Cristy said. “The community-like atmosphere of Pittsburg transfers over into the Health Center as well. The group of people working at the Health Center are a team, excited to serve students, and I am honored to be a part of a team who enjoys coming to work every day.” 

For those who are wanting to schedule an appointment at the Student Bryant Health Center, more information can be found by calling 620-235-4452.  

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