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Fifth year guard Erin Davis brings the ball down the court against the Newman Jets on Jan. 28. The women's team won 101-78. Alyssa Tyler 

Womens basketball has second 100 point+ game of season, defeats Jets 

Fifth year guard Erin Davis brings the ball down the court against the Newman Jets on Jan. 28. The women’s team won 101-78. Alyssa Tyler 

Curtis Meyer reporter 

Pitt State women’s basketball collected their 7th straight win, with a dominant win over the Newman Jets. During the game, the lead only changed once in the first quarter, as the Gorillas took the lead and never looked back.  

Pitt State started scoring with an early jumper by sophomore guard Grace Pyle in the first seven seconds. Newmann took their first and only lead, 9-4 with 7:45 still left on the clock.  

Pitt State would not let that stick, tying it at 9 and then taking the lead in less than a minute. The Gorillas never looked back, taking an 8 point lead with 3:20 remaining, never letting the Jets come closer than 21-18 at 2:17. Pitt State would leave the first quarter with a 27-24 lead, as Newman still battled it out with the Gorillas.  

The beginning of the second half was much like the first, with the Gorillas scoring first, then holding off the Jets as they attempted to come back. The Jets hung in the game but were unable to stop the Gorilla offense from preserving the lead each time.  

The Jets got close at 5:39, scoring on a rebound to make it 34-36, but they never got closer than that for the remainder of the game. The Gorillas offense roared back to life, outscoring the Jets and taking a 12 point lead with 1:36 left in the second.  

Newman scored two and Pitt State scored three to end the quarter at 57-44, as the Gorillas took a 13 point lead to the locker room behind some strong shooting. The Gorillas were 62.9 percent from the field throughout the day, with 11 3-pointers en route to the win.  

Pitt State poured it on to start the third, growing their lead to 21 points at 7:15 after outscoring the Jets 12-4. This became the theme for the rest of the game, as Newman could not find a way to stop the Gorillas offense.  

The rest of the quarter was back and forth offense, with the Jets unable to close the gap as Pitt State breezed through the rest of the quarter. After an offense filled third, the Gorillas held onto the lead with an 85-66 game.  

The defense was tightened up for the fourth and final quarter, with the Gorillas outscoring the Jets 16-12 to seal the win. Newman came within 13 points at 6:41, but Pitt State scored the next 11 points over 5 minutes to put the game out of reach. Pitt State had the final basket at 1:33 to take it past the century mark and held Newman back to come up with the eventual 101-78 win.  

Newman’s Britney Ho scored a game high 34 points in the loss, with the next closest teammate Maddie Spagnola chipping in 19.  

Pitt State had a more balanced attack, with 5 players scoring in the double digits, with fifth year senior guard Erin Davis leading the team with 21 points, scoring 20 of those in the first half. Pyle had 17, freshman guard Harper Schreiner had 14, while fifth year guard Tristan Gregg and sophomore forward Karenna Gerber each had 12 points.  

Pitt State will be on the road next, facing Central Missouri on Feb. 2. 

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