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Farewell from the photo-editor 

Caleb Oswell photo editor 

To the readers and creators of student publications, the Collegio and Kanza, my time with the Collegio and on campus is coming to a close this semester. 

I have enjoyed my time wearing many different hats at student publications; from reporting, to imaging, or paginating. Filling these different roles has helped me to grow professionally in ways which simply just being a student couldn’t do.  

I was always happy to see my images and stories cut out and tacked to boards around campus, but I was always even happier getting the chance to interact with all of you and be a part of this community. 

I hope my time here has been beneficial to all of you as well and getting the opportunity to cover your stories has inspired, uplifted, and empowered all of you. 

My time in journalism has not ended. After graduation, I will continue serving local communities as a reporter in Alaska’s Emerald Isles in Kodiak, AK. I promise to continue having strange adventures. I will certainly find a way to give one of those bears the greatest of hugs and I’m sure I will continue to be an uncontainable force of chaos, wear strange hats, and get the same order from the same three restaurants that I frequent. And be a massive pain in Alyssa’s side. 

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