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The Collegio needs your input 

Alyssa Tyler editor in chief 

Pittsburg State University is a diverse place. It’s a location where countless of diverse cultures, religions, political ideations, socioeconomic incomes, etc., can all come together in one place. Throughout my year here at The Collegio, we have mentioned repeatedly about guest columns, and guest articles, but I have never seen one printed in our paper or on our website. 

When I took over as Editor-in-Chief, one main goal of mine was to make sure that the Collegio is available to all. Not only Pittsburg State Students, but to the faculty and staff, the alumni, and the community of Pittsburg as well. And to me, being available and accessible also means that we are looking for others’ input.  

This input can range from letters to the editor, guest columns about something going on in the community, or any other topic you may have interest in. As journalists, The Collegio staff can only track so many things at once.  

If there is something you think we can be doing better, contact us, what do you think we can do better? What would you like to see from us? Or if it is not The Collegio, but to the University of Pittsburg State, I implore you, write a guest column. What difference would you like to see?  

Journalism is the best way to bring about change. I will end this with one of my go-to sayings: “If I don’t know about it, I can’t fix it.” So please, keep this in mind about your community, university, or even society at large.  

If you want to write to The Collegio, and see your work on our website or even our print edition, I implore you to contact us. You can do so in a variety of ways. First off, please email all stories or letters to the editor to pittcollegio@gmail.com. All entries should have a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 600. All entries must include the writers, name, address, and phone number. These entries do become property of the Collegio and may be published in the print edition or on psucollegio.com.  

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