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Graphic Comm Major to graduate with awards and job in KC 

Megan Brownell photojournalist  

Many students have gone through and suceeded during thier time in the graphic communication program, but senior Kaylea Robertson has excelled during her time here which has resulted in a job being ready for her in Kansas City when she graduates.  

The graphic communication program has six different emphasis areas to choose from; graphic design, digital media, packaging graphics, web and interactive media, graphics management, and print media. Robertson is graduating this Dec. with her emphasis in web and interactive media as well as print media. She is also graduating with minors in photography and packaging graphics. After graduation, in Jan. she will be taking on a job as a project manager at Ataché International.  

“Ataché International is a part of Boelte-Hall, I will be doing page layout, marketing work, and other various projects for Ataché’s clients.” Robertson said. “I will also be working for Boelte-Hall part of the time helping out in their prepress department and doing marketing for them as well.”  

Robertson also mentioned how she worked for the company as a summer intern.  

“By the end of the summer I was offered a full time position starting in January and I still do some small things while I am in Pitt.”  

Robertson has been in the GIT program since the fall of 2019, where she first started with one emphasis, the web and interactive media. After that semester, she added her second emphasis and first minor in packaging. During the next fall of 2020 she added her second minor. During her time, despite taking on a large workload, she has maintained a 4.0 GPA, while taking 20+ hours each semester but her first, and even taking 24 credit hours in one semester. She now is sitting at 167 credit hours before the end of her last semester.  

“I have taken all of Jason Reid’s courses, as well as Traci Hughes,” Robertson said. My favorite web class was content management systems, and my favorite print class was publications with my favorite packaging class was rigid, the projects in publications push me to apply what I learned and the freedom in senior project is amazing, I will get to see my project come to life and I control what it looks like and how good it is based on the work I put into it.”  

Robertson has won a total of 10 awards during her time at Pitt State. She has won one ADDY (American Advertising Awards)  in 2021, and six of them in 2022. She also won first place in the student division at the PIA’S, the Linda Grizal outstanding student from the GIT ( graphics and imaging technologies) department, and the printing united alliance premier print awards best of category in the student category.  

As she is graduating in December, Robertson left her comments on the overall graphics department during her time at PSU.  

 “Our graphic communications department is extremely unique in that it is based on technology and not fine art,” Robertson said. “I feel like this structure makes us much more prepared for the industry and to hit the ground running with the production.”  

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