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An editor’s farewell 

Brock Willard managing editor (former editor-in-chief) 

To the readers of the Collegio (both in print and online), it is with great emotion and feeling that I must say goodbye as your editor-in-chief.  

When I took on the position of editor-in-chief, I was just beginning my master’s degree in music and here I am now almost at the finish line. It is because of the readership of the Collegio that I have made it this far. I simply could not have had the continual drive to make the newspaper better and better each day without the dedication of our loyal readers. 

Providing the Pittsburg State University community with a news outlet that gets to the heart of the student pulse has been one of the great joys of my time at Pittsburg State University. I came into a love of journalism quite late (junior year of my undergraduate degree), but I haven’t regretted one day getting to work in a field that is so focused on providing a vital service to the community. 

You will still see my regular columns (Rotten Bananas, Smooth Bananas) as well as my opinions attacking bigotry and capitalism. I’ll be able to get back to writing articles far more often now that the job of organizing and administering the paper has been handed off to another. 

The moral of this story is that it is never too late to enjoy what you do. I most likely will not be working in journalism after I have graduated in May, but the greatest thing this position as editor-in-chief has taught me is that when you find something that excites you, pursue it with all the energy you can devote to it. 

I wish my successor, Alyssa Tyler, a prosperous tenure as the editor-in-chief. I know she will do a wonderful job. Additionally, I’d like to thank the staff reporters and photographers of the Collegio, our business manager Michelle Ewan, and our advisor Josh Letner for being such a welcoming place to work. Be well! 

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