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PSU celebrates Homecoming Week 

Bella Mezzacapo photojournalist 

Students gathered at Carnie Smith Stadium to celebrate the beginning of Homecoming Week. The Homecoming Committee provided attendees with live music by the band ‘Quite Frankly’, inflatables, yard games, and free food from PSU Alumni.  

The Homecoming Kickoff event was held on the first day of Homecoming Week, Monday Oct. 17 at 6:30 p.m. More than 100 students showed up to Carnie Smith Stadium and participated in the Homecoming Kickoff. 

“Kickoff really is a cool way to celebrate Homecoming here at Pitt State,” said Tricia Combs, junior in communications and Homecoming Queen Candidate. “This year they had free food, inflatables, and some awesome live music. For some students, it’s their first opportunity to meet the candidates, and for the candidates, it’s really our first opportunity to meet and interact with each other, which is super cool. My favorite part was definitely campaigning and getting to interact with the other candidates and students here on campus.” 

Homecoming Kickoff is the first event of many during Homecoming Week. Throughout the week students participated in Raft Races, Banana Extravaganza, Gorilla Pantry Drive, Yell Like Hell, Homecoming Parade, and GorillaFest. At the end of the week, Homecoming will culminate in Saturday’s home football game on Oct. 22 at 2 p.m. against Missouri Western. 

“I kind of oversee everything, send a bunch of emails, and I even had to fill the position of Kickoff Chair because the person in that position had to leave,” said Hope Rainey, sophomore in strategic communications and Homecoming President. “Yell Like Hell is my absolute favorite event, for sure. As a dancer, the whole dance competition aspect is really fun for me, and I love it. I’m also really excited for Yell Like Hell because we get to crown Homecoming King and Queen at the event, too.” 

. Every event has a chair on the Homecoming Committee, and they put in the work to make each event possible. The Homecoming Committee is made up of student volunteers. 

“I have to contact all of the organizations to see if they want to compete and I also have to stay in touch with their contact to make sure that they know all of the rules and guidelines,” said Abby McDaniel, junior in math education and Yell Like Hell Chair. “I also have to contact judges and sports teams for them to come speak at the event. I like to say that the event is kind of like a giant dance competition for Greek life, although other organizations can compete as well. But it isn’t just that easy. I came in later than a lot of the other chairs and had to do all the work in a shorter amount of time. So, it’s been stressful, but it’s paying off.” 

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