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Sammi Trejo, freshman in education, signs a paper while talking to the math department on Sept. 29 at the majors fair. Alyssa Tyler

Student Success hosts Majors Fair 

Alyssa Tyler copy editor 

Programs ranging from the School of Construction to Family and Consumer Science Education were invited to promote their programs at the Majors Fair. The event was hosted by the Student Success Programs and was held in the Axe Library on Sept. 28. 

“Today we are having the ‘Majors Fair’ this is an opportunity to come and check out all of the programs we have at PSU in one place for about two and a half hours. How easy? You don’t have to run around campus to do it, you’re not getting just a website, you’re getting to actually talk to someone from the department. We really encourage students who haven’t declared a major yet to attend and do some exploration. But also, students who have declared, ‘I was thinking about a minor’ or ‘I want to enhance my degree with something, but I wasn’t sure what,’ they can come here and browse which is nice. It’s kind of like shopping for additional education,” said Heather Eckstein, director of student success programs. 

Tables lined the Axe Library near Axe Grind, while programs had professors and instructors talking about their degree, often having pamphlets and free merchandise for visiting students. The Student Success program also offered popcorn and water as an incentive.  

“I’m undecided, so I’m trying to pick a major, really I’m open to everything so being here and talking to people in those majors helps me decide what I would like to do,” said Lilli Niffen, undeclared freshman.  

While the event was targeted towards those who have undeclared majors, those who were wanting to add more to their degree or branch out also had the option.  

“I think it’s really important to have it because students need to interact with faculty as they are making this important decision. Or deciding to add something new. That interaction is crucial to helping them make an informed decision. Sometimes people decide something, but they don’t have all the information, that’s often why people change their major. When they come here, they can get more information and hopefully make what they feel like is a decision with confidence,” Eckstein said. 

Human Health and Performance Recreation (HHPR) held a table with students to discuss their programs options as well. Especially since they are based out of the Student Recreation Center.  

“I think it’s important for especially my major, not a lot of people know what it is or have ever heard of it before, so it’s definitely important to talk about ours. And with us not being on the actual main campus area, people kind of forget that there is a health and human performance option that can go in different routes,” said Jessica Jones, junior in human health and performance recreation 

While the event is directed towards students, faculty and staff can also enjoy the event.  

“Well, lots of faculty are here which is always fun. I think they enjoy this event too because they get to interact with students, but also, they get to interact with each other. We think Pittsburg is a pretty small place but, it’s really big when you think about where all the buildings on campus are. And there’s a lot of them right here all at one time. So, they enjoy it for that reason and then they get to promote something they love because they’re very passionate about their programs. So that’s going well. Students have been coming in, there’s popcorn, that might be part of the draw, perfectly fine, I’m not opposed to having some food to get some students in the door. But the students have been taking our forms that they can take to the departments and ask questions and take notes as they answer those. And we won’t know how many people have attended, it’s kind of a come-and-go event, so we won’t know till the end. But I’m hoping for between 50 and 100 students, and if we have that, we’ll be successful,” Eckstein said. 

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