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A crowd gathers to look at different meals offered at Global Fest in Lindburg Plaza on Sept. 30. The event was open to the public as well as PSU students. Curtis Meyer

Large Crowds Gather at Pitt State’s First Global Fest 

Curtis Meyer, Reporter 

Pittsburg State University invited students, faculty, and committee to the Global Fest on Sept. 30, in Lindberg Plaza. With over 20 booths each serving food from a different country, there was something for everyone to try.  

“I think it’s a really good opportunity for students to get out there and experience different cultures, and it’s really cool that Pitt state was able to bring that to us,” said Madeline McCall, freshman in Mechanical Engineering Technology. 

Global Fest is a festival held every year that promotes different cultures from all around the world. Each country represented has a booth, which sold different food and drinks unique to that culture.  

Some tables required tickets, while others required cash. Tickets were bought separately at a different table. From Finland to Pakistan, many countries were represented.  

“My favorite booth obviously was from India, cause like they had my favorite drink, which is lassi, which is basically a mango and yogurt mixed drink, it tastes very good, and I would recommend everyone to taste it,” said Debmalyo Sharma, a foreign exchange student from India.  

The event was open to the entire Pittsburg community, with many local businesses, such as Pueblo Mio and Kazoku Sushi and Hibachi, contributing to some of the booths. Exactly 21 different countries were represented. 

The event was organized by the International Student Association (ISA). For many international students, this event brings the taste of home right here to Pittsburg.  

On top of the many different foods, there was a stage set up with live music and dancing. A way to incorporate as many different international cultures. Plenty of acts starred, whether it was playing a dombra or a rhythm and blues band with harmonica solos.  

“Yeah, it’s fine. It’s very good, and I enjoyed a few of the dances too, from India and I think Nepal, I don’t remember that,” said Sharma.  

Running from 6:30 to 8:30, there was plenty of time for the large crowds to find their favorite snack and sit down to enjoy the free concert or act. All the performances that were held were student-led.  

For those who had enough of the food, there was henna tattoos, a non-permanent tattoo. This was Pittsburg States first time hosting Global Fest.  

“We wanted to include all the sounds, sights, and smells of one you find internationally,” said Raj Thakor, president of the International Student Association.  

The event did indeed have many sounds, sights, and smells for everyone to enjoy and discover. For Sharma and others, this was another opportunity to make new friends while being able to feel more comfortable so far from home.  

“I’m enjoying Pitt State very much, haven’t made that many friends yet but I want to make more friends. Friends from all over the world and mostly from America, so yeah, that’s the plan,” said Sharma.  

For those interested in joining the International Student Association, more information can be found on Gorilla Engage. All Pitt State students are welcome, whether you are foreign or domestic.   

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