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Gorillas look ahead to game against 3-1 Lions 

Curtis Meyer reporter 

Pittsburg comes back home this Saturday after a close win in Emporia to play the MSSU Lions, who are 3-1 after narrowly defeating Fort Hays 25-24.  

“I think they’re a physical team, they play hard. Just watching them on film it’ll be a great challenge for us, they do a great job with multiple personnel sets, running back runs hard, O-line does a great job, so it’ll be a great challenge for our guys this week,” said defensive coach Tom Anthony.  

Pitt State comes off a one-point game as well, beating the Emporia Hornets 14-13. Pittsburg defensive back Antione Nunn came up with an interception late in the game, helping to secure the win.  

“I knew the next play they were gonna come back and run the hitch, that was one of their main routes that they ran, I really just read the quarterbacks eyes and made the play,” said Nunn. 

On the offensive side of the ball, Pittsburg ran the clock out with 8 minutes left, securing the win, also scoring two touchdowns to give them the lead.  

This was the second game in a row that Nunn stole an interception, and the second game in a row that running back Caleb Lewis ran for 100 plus yards.  

“We really locked into details, and key moments in the game, those great detail moments that coach really hit on during practice, and we knew we needed to step up on offense and get things going with the run game,” said Lewis. 

The win Saturday made the Gorilla’s the only unbeaten team in the MIAA.  

This bodes well as the Gorillas look to continue there success this weekend against MSSU. The Lions are 3-1, falling only to Nebraska Kearney 24-7.  

“Last week was tempo, throwing the ball, this week they’re playing smashmouth football,” Anthony said.  

Stopping the run game will be key to beating the Lions. The Lions have 8 rushing touchdowns, with only 5 passing TDs. With more excellent play at the second level by players like Nunn, shutting down the run should give the defense the opportunity to dominate.  

“We just have great leadership, our guys love a new challenge each week. The focus resets watching the game each week it resets, just with a new opponent, the guys get excited for the challenge,” Said Anthony. 

“It’s a rivalry game, so we just know they are gonna come out and try to be physical. They play really hard, O-line pretty good, they play physical, quarterbacks pretty good. They got big guys so we just know they are gonna come out and try to dominate us,” Nunn said.  

Seeing how dominant Pittsburg was last week against the run, only allowing a total of 58 rushing yards, while the offense had a total of 168, there is no doubt the Gorilla’s will have plenty of chances to win.  

“Just keep preaching that 1-0 mentality to our guys, there’s no looking forward or looking back,” Anthony said. 

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