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A President’s Welcome

Dan Shipp, President of Pittsburg State, was named the 10th President of the university on April 8 of the Spring Semester. Image Courtesy of the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

By Dan Shipp President of Pittsburg State University

Dear current students/future graduates, 

A special welcome to everyone who is new here — students, faculty, and staff — and a “welcome back” to those who are returning!

Fair to say I am in the “new” category, so I feel very much like a first-year student. I’m from Nebraska, and before that California (and before that Missouri), so I’m still learning my way around Southeast Kansas. Don’t be surprised if I ask a few of you for directions or advice on where to get a bite to eat.

Although I’m not one to be in the spotlight and really dislike talking about “me,” I do realize you might want to know who the new human is in Russ Hall. I’ll share a bit here, and then my hope is that I’ll have the chance to meet many of you walking across the Oval, grabbing a drink in the Student Center, or at many of the special events that are the milestones of each school year here at Pitt State.

  1. I’m most comfortable in casual clothes and running shoes, and you don’t need to call me “Dr. Shipp.” Just Dan is fine by me, thanks. I want us to be a first name university that cares for each other as we do our close neighbors and friends back home.
  2. I’m a dad of three and I think very much like a parent, so my sincere wish for you is that you feel at home and comfortable here. If something gets in the way of that, please don’t hesitate to come see me. My office is on the second floor of Russ Hall.
  3. My/our leadership team’s clear focus will be on advancing student success and helping support your path to graduation. In the coming months, our leadership team will be working on establishing best practices to help remove barriers and guide your success in and outside the classroom. We welcome student input, so if you have ideas or thoughts as to how we can improve PSU, please share them with me at dshipp@pittstate.edu.
  4. One thing I believe strongly is that much learning occurs outside of the classroom. While you’re here, I encourage you to join a club or organization, focus on developing personal wellness habits, try a new hobby, and venture off campus to explore the community. My hope is that through these many experiences, you’ll leave PSU as a “whole person,” prepared for personal and professional success. 
  5. My favorite bands/singers are the Grateful Dead (Franklin’s Tower and Morning Dew are still amazing), DMB, Kenny Chesney, and Jimmy Buffet; my favorite authors are David Brooks and Paulo Coehlo (if you haven’t yet read the Alchemist, you should); and my favorite drink is a honey latte.

Well, that’s a little about me. Now it’s your turn. Make it a point to introduce yourself to your instructors, classmates, roommates…and me!  We’re all glad you chose Pitt State, and we wish you all the best for a great fall semester!

Take care and let’s stay connected, 


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